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About Us


We are committed to importing food and beverages from Europe and Japan, pursuing high-quality and reliable ingredients.  No matter European gourmet, frozen seafood, instant rice and meat, red/white wine, etc.  Let you sit at home and have a full stomach and eat at ease.

In addition to delicious food and wine, food safety is also the consideration of diners, and it is also the tenet of our service.  

Therefore, the company is equipped with modern storage facilities, with calibrated refrigerators and freezers, and own’s trucks; to ensure quality excellency of foodstuff, meet customer requirements and expectations, and deliver food safely to everyone.

Born of

Like you all, we are Hongkongers who love delicacy.

Hence, we established ‘Truefun’ in 2012, a local brand that produces and imports kitchen/table supplies, with the aim of creating an atmosphere of happy cooking and dining.  However, we are not satisfied with this, we hope that starting from the ingredients can let customers eat happily, and safely.

Therefore, when attending kitchenware exhibitions around the world, we took the opportunity to search for high-quality and reliable food suppliers. In addition to providing more choices to customers, we can also satisfy our own bellies!

 “Truedeli” was founded in 2020.

Welcome To The World Of Deli !